Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work and Watch and Fight and Pray =)

I've had this sinus...thing...for a few weeks now and I'm not sleeping real well at night...thus...I'm exhausted during the day. So, I need to get back to getting up early and taking time for me. *yawn*. We had Stake Conference this past weekend...and it was one of the best I think I've been to. It really was great. Sometimes Stake Conference doesn't do much to fill my cup...not because the speakers aren't good...but simply because trying to sit still with a 5, 3, and 1 year old for two hours straight can be a bit much. That part was still hard...but there were some really good talks that have caused me to re-evaluate some things, be grateful for a lot of things, and be more dedicated in many ways. I really REALLY love studying the gospel. Some days I think that when my kids are all in school than I'll have all kinds of time on my hands...but...not only do I think that i'll find myself suprised at the still small amount of time I have...but I also love having my kids this age. So, I just have to make it happen.

I've had the last view of "Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel" stuck in my head like crazy for the past few days...can't even figure out why...but...well, first, here's what it says. It says, "Work and Watch and Fight and Pray". Anyway...and I have been think of those words all week (no joke...pretty sad, huh?). So I thought I'd have fun looking them up and really trying to figure out how I can "work and watch and fight and pray". However, as it is almost 11:30 and my bedtime was an hour and a half ago...I think I'll stop and more tomorrow. *yawn*

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